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Nayama Natural Attieke-Couscous


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Attiéké (pronounced atchekay) refers to a cassava-derived side dish that is a staple of cuisine from the coastal African nation known as Côte d’Ivoire or Ivory Coast. It is served warm or cold with a variety of meats and vegetables, topped with tomato and onions. In Ivory Coast, you’ll find it enjoyed at breakfast, midday, and dinner.

Whether you call it Cassava or Yuca or Manioc, you’ll call it delicious and easy-to-prepare!
Nayama Natural Attiéké is couscous made from the low-glycemic root vegetable, cassava.
Cassava/Yuca Grits or CouCous makes a refreshing alternative to wheat and corn-based dishes
Cassava naturally has the potential to lower blood sugar and support appetite suppression
All-Natural & Gluten-Free
Cooks quickly — prepare with hot water
Microwave or prepare on stove-top

Microwave or Stove-top – Gluten-Free -300g


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