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Linstead Market Ackee 19oz (pack of 7)


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Flavor: Ackee
WHAT IS ACKEE: Ackee, along with Saltfish (Codfish), is Jamaica’s National Dish. It is a delicious fruit enjoyed both as an exotic delicacy or as an entree and is a great meat substitute for vegetarians. When cooked, Ackee resembles scrambled eggs and has a somewhat similar taste
UNUSUAL AND COLORFUL FRUIT: Originally from the shores of West Africa, this unusual fruit, colorful on the outside and surprisingly tasty on the inside, is setting sail yet again – this time with you
JAMAICA’S FAVORITE: Linstead Market Jamaica Ackee, takes you far away from everyday life and connects you with Jamaica’s rich vibrations We invite you to try Jamaica’s traditional breakfast classic, ackee, and saltfish
EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC: Experience Linstead Market Ackee, a favorite of renowned Jamaican athletes, beauty queens, and legendary musicians. With a rich buttery color, the taste of the fruit can only be described as subtle, layered, and delicate
DIRECTIONS: Drain and discard brine before adding Ackee to your favorite recipes


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